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Supporting Your Daily Health with PatchAid 

Supporting Your Daily Health with PatchAid 

Oct 06, 2021 Alex Brecher

If you are like many people, you know that there are certain things you should be doing for your health...but are you doing them all? Most of us could do better with things like eating right, exercising daily, and going to all of our recommended doctor’s appointments. These are hard things to do!

But taking our vitamins? That’s something that is easy to do for health! PatchAid Patches make it easy to support daily health. From multivitamins for general nutrition to nourishment designed for specific concerns, PatchAid Patch Packs come in a range of options for everyone. Just be sure to ask your doctor before using them!

How to Use PatchAid Patches

A daily health routine needs to be simple. Vitamin Patch Packs are easy to use. 

  • Clean an area of skin that does not have hair. 
  • Peel off the back of the patch to reveal the adhesive part. 
  • Stick the patch on the skin. 
  • Leave the patch on for up to 8 hours.

While you are wearing the patch:

  • You can exercise and take a shower.
  • You can wear more than one patch at a time as long as your doctor okays them all.

PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches and More for Adults and Kids

A multivitamin and mineral supplement is like an insurance policy against nutrient deficiencies. PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches have a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for weight loss surgery patches, and it is available with or without iron.

Certain nutrients are commonly low in adults. There is a PatchAid Patch for that! If your doctor determines that a single Multivitamin Patch doesn’t meet your needs, take a look at more targeted patches. For example, the Calcium and Vitamin D3 Patch, with magnesium as well, supports bone health. And the Iron Plus Patch also has vitamin C.

Support for Children’s Health

Do you know any children whose diet may not be perfect? PatchAid Kids Multivitamin Plus with Omega-3 Topical Patch has essential vitamins and minerals that fussy eaters and the average child may not be getting every day. It even has long-chain omega-3 fats, just in case your child is not eating fish regularly!

Patches for Sleep, Energy, and Self-Care

Nutrients are not just for preventing deficiencies. They can support better sleep at night, increased energy and focus during the day, and the health of different systems in your body.

Despite your best efforts, there are times when you do not treat your body as well as possible. The TLC Vitamin Patch Pack has something for that! 

These support recovery so you can get back to where you want to be.

PatchAid makes it easier to support your health on a daily basis. Browse the store and ask your doctor which nutrients might be best for you!

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