Get More Out of Your PatchAid Purchases

Get More Out of Your PatchAid Purchases

Oct 07, 2021 Alex Brecher

How can you get more out of your PatchAid purchases? It may seem impossible, since PatchAid patches are already high in nutrients and contain a greater range than others on the market. And their price is already competitive!

But the PatchAid Rewards Program can give you more from your PatchAid purchases. The program ensures that there is more value than meets the eye every time you make a purchase or do other qualifying activities.

How to Enroll in the Rewards Program

It is easy to sign up to join the PatchAid Rewards Program. All you have to do is create an account with the PatchAid store. Your PatchAid Rewards account will automatically be created. And when you have an account, check-out will be easier each time.

How to Get Points and Rewards

You can start earning rewards immediately. In fact, you get 40 points just for signing up for a store account and enrolling in the Rewards Program. Then get 1 point for each dollar you spend at the PatchAid store.

You can also get points by doing these activities.

  • 40 points for each product or site review.
  • 80 points for a “like” on Facebook.
  • 80 points for following us on Twitter.
  • 80 points for following us on Instagram.
  • 400 points for referring a friend who spends over $25.

You can cash out your points at future purchases. Each 40 points you earn will be worth $1 off of the price of your PatchAid purchase when you check out and apply your points.

More Ways to Get More Value from PatchAid Patches

More value is always good! Along with taking advantage of the PatchAid Rewards Program, these are ways to get more out of your PatchAid purchases.

  • Get free standard shipping on orders over $39.
  • Get free FedEx 2-business day expedited shipping for orders over $99.
  • Pay in interest-free installments using Shop Pay.
  • Get up to 48% off by choosing automatic deliveries for your patches.

Ways to Get the Most Benefits from PatchAid Patches

You can take steps to make the most of your PatchAid Patches. The lifestyle choices you make every day can support what the patches are doing for you. Healthy choices that can improve nutrition and make you feel better include these.

  • Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, and other unprocessed foods.
  • Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, and limiting foods such as sugary foods, fried foods, and fatty foods.
  • Exercising regularly, including aerobic activities and resistance training, and avoiding long periods of sedentary or sitting time.
  • Having a consistent bedtime and bedtime routine, and setting aside enough time for sleep.
  • Managing stress, such as with breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Challenging your brain regularly with brain games, puzzles, or classes.

PatchAid Patches are formulated with essential and health-boosting ingredients, but that is not the end of their value. With Rewards Programs, you can get more out of each PatchAid purchase and get cash back every time you check out.

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