We heard you! New Plastic Backing on all PatchAid Patches

We heard you! New Plastic Backing on all PatchAid Patches

Sep 07, 2021 Alex Brecher
We have great news for every one of our valued customers! PatchAid Patches now have a plastic backing. That makes PatchAid Patches even easier to use. Now, there is no hassle and there is no waste when applying them.

We Heard You!

You spoke, and we listened. PatchAid Patches originally had a paper backing. You would pull off the paper backing to apply the sticky part of the patch to the skin. But there was a problem.

Our customers were telling us that the paper backing was hard to get off. It could tear. Or it could make the patch unusable.

Nobody wants to waste vitamin patches. It’s not fair to you, and it’s not something we want to cause! So we put our heads together and brainstormed.

Easier Than Ever

What did we come up with? Now, PatchAid Patches have an easy-to-use plastic back. It peels off easily, so there is no struggle and no waste. Peel it off to expose the sticky part of the patch, stick the patch on clean, dry, hairless skin, and you are ready to go!

Keep talking to us! Our customers are our most valued source of feedback. We exist to serve you, and we always want to hear what you have to say. Keep in touch, and thanks for your support!
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