Kids Vitamin Patches

Kids Vitamin Patches

Sep 09, 2021 Alex Brecher
How is your child’s diet? If your children are like many, they may not be getting recommended amounts of nutritious foods such as fruits, whole grains, fish, and beans. And if they do even eat vegetables at all, chances are that potatoes are the most common ones.

Your children may benefit from a multivitamin if any of the following are true.
  • They are picky eaters. (A steady diet of plain spaghetti, bread and butter, or grilled cheese sandwiches is not adequate).
  • They follow a special diet, such as dairy-free or vegan.
  • They have a developmental delay or chronic health condition.
  • They tend to be on the go all the time and you are unsure if they eat the recommended amounts from all food groups on most days.
Without eating a nutritious diet most days, children can be low in certain key nutrients. And that can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Kids are often low in iron,

On top of that, many children can be short on sleep.

If your children are chronically tired and/or have suboptimal nutrition, they may have any of these symptoms - or others.
  • Tired during the day.
  • Hyperactive at bedtime.
  • Getting sick more often than other children.
  • Stunted growth.
  • Trouble concentrating at school.
  • Disruptive behavior.

If you are concerned about your children’s nutrition or health, always be sure to ask their pediatrician. VItamin patches may be a good solution.

Taking Vitamins without a Fight

When raising children, it is best to pick your battles. Otherwise, you can become exhausted. And you can turn into a nagging parent. Is it worth the fight to win the vitamin battle?

There is great news. With PatchAid Vitamin Patches, getting your children to “take their vitamins” may not even be a battle! That is because these patches are so easy to use. Just do the following.

  • Make sure your children have a clean patch of skin.
  • Peel off the backing and stick the adhesive side onto your children’s skin.
  • Remove the patch 8 hours later.
Your child can be active with the patch. And if your children try to take the patches off, you can just stick it on a hard-to-reach area of skin, such as the back.

Keep in mind that it is okay to use more than one vitamin patch at once. As long as your child’s pediatrician agrees, you can give your child the Kids Multivitamin Plus with Omega-3 Topical Patch as well as the Sleep Aid Topical Patch for Kids (Melatonin-Free).

Multivitamin and Sleep Patches for Kids

The PatchAid Kids Multivitamin Plus with Omega-3 Topical Patch as well as the Sleep Aid Topical Patch for Kids (Melatonin-Free) are specifically designed for children.

The Kids Multivitamin Plus with Omega-3 Topical Patch has key nutrients for growth, development and health. It’s never time to stop offering healthy foods, but giving the multivitamin patch lets you have peace of mind that your child is getting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, the omega-3’s are essential for brain development.

The Sleep Aid Topical Patch for Kids (Melatonin-Free) contains non habit-forming herbals to relax and calm your child. With the patch and a better bedtime sleep routine, along with a consistent bedtime and a dark, quiet bedroom, your children may get better sleep.

Taking vitamins can be a struggle, but using PatchAid Vitamin Patches for Kids does not need to be. Talk to your child’s doctor about whether they may be right for improving your children’s nutrition and sleep!

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