How to Earn Rewards on

How to Earn Rewards on

Sep 17, 2022 Alex Brecher

PatchAid is your source for high-quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements in topical formulas, but do you know how you can get more from your purchases? PatchAid has a great rewards program that lets you earn rewards on every purchase and more. Then you can trade those points in for discounts off of your purchase price when you shop. Check out how you can earn rewards on immediately and every time you shop.

Get Points by Getting Started

All you have to do to get started is to create an account. Your account lets you check out more quickly and of course your account lets you…earn rewards! It’s easy to create an account.

  • Click on “Start Here” from our Rewards page.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email. 
  • Create a Password. 
  • Check the box if you want to subscribe to our newsletter for cool information and news.

Boom! You will now have 40 points. Keep going to get more points to use for discounts.

The More You Shop and Review, the More You Earn

Now…go shopping! For every dollar ($1) you spend at, you get a point. For every 40 points you get, you can get a dollar ($1) off of your next purchase at checkout. It’s pretty simple. The more you shop, the more Rewards you earn. 

But that’s not all. Come back and tell us and everyone what you think about our products and our site. You get 40 points per product or site review, and get this: there’s no limit to the number of reviews you can submit and the points you can earn. So share your thoughts with everyone, and save money!

Connect with Us!

Okay, do you love social media? Well, connect with us! You’ll get 80 points when you do each of the following.

Then spread the word!

Spread the Word

Are you the person in your group who is connected to everyone? Are you the influencer, the one who tells your friends what to buy? Or are you the one who normally asks for recommendations from others? Either way, now is your chance to be an influencer and to get rewarded for it.

Here’s the deal. You get 400 points for referring a friend who spends more than $25. That’s a lot of point! And, there’s more. Your friends gets 15% off their first order. Here’s are the ways that you can refer a friend.

  • Enter their email address on our Rewards page and they can receive an email from us with your special link. They can click on that link. 
  • Or, you can click on the Facebook or Twitter icon on our Rewards page and they can follow the prompt. 
  • Or, you can log into your Rewards account to get a unique link you can send them however you like, such as via text message.

Refer your friends however it works for you! When they spend $25, you’ll automatically get the credit and they’ll get their 15% off their order. It’s a win-win!

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