Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Aug 07, 2021 Alex Brecher

Vitamin patches are a relatively new trend in nutritional supplements, but they may be here to stay. They can contain more types of nutrients per patch than a pill that you take, and they do not require your stomach and digestive system to do the work of absorbing the nutrients.

Still, you may wonder: is it too good to be true? Do vitamin patches really work? Here is the scoop on why vitamin patches are a clear first choice for many people.

How Vitamin Patches Deliver Nutrients

First, how can you get nutrients without swallowing capsules or tablets? Vitamin patches use nanotechnology to deliver nutrients across the skin. 

  • Ingredients are suspended in the adhesive portion of a transdermal patch.
  • The heat and moisture in your skin activates the patch and begin to extract the nutrients from the adhesive.
  • The stratum corneum (upper layer of skin) absorbs the ingredients.
  • Blood in capillaries (tiny blood vessels) picks up the ingredients so they can circulate in the body.

This transdermal absorption takes place over hours so you do not have to worry about precise timing for taking your vitamins.

PatchAid patches have three layers.

  1. Flexible, strong back.
  2. Nutrient layer.
  3. Sticky layer.

Just peel the back from the sticky layer and apply the patch to your skin.

Who Can Benefit from Vitamin Patches

People with trouble getting enough nutrients from food and with trouble swallowing pills or absorbing nutrients in the stomach can benefit. 

  • Bariatric surgery patients whose absorption may be impacted or who may have pain when swallowing large pills.
  • Older adults with difficulty absorbing vitamin B12 in the stomach.
  • People with frequent indigestion who may not want to risk further trouble due to taking oral supplements.
  • Individuals with a need for higher levels of certain ingredients or a wider range of nutrients. Multiple vitamin patches can be used at once to target various deficiencies or health concerns.

You do not need to have a specific medical condition to prefer vitamin patches. You might simply like the idea of them.

Checking to See If Vitamin Patches Are Working

Vitamin patches may work for other people, but how do you know if vitamin patches are working for you? The best approach is to talk to your healthcare provider. Your doctor or another provider may evaluate your nutritional status in a few ways.

  • With blood tests to see if levels are normal of certain vitamins and minerals.
  • With a clinical exam to see if you have symptoms of deficiencies, such as fatigue from low bone density from low calcium levels, or night blindness from vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin patches have so many benefits that they are clearly here to stay. Their convenience and range and quantity of ingredients cannot be beat, and they allow you to skip potential problems with digestion. With transdermal absorption, vitamin patches seem to have great technology that works. Just be sure to ask your doctor about your levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that may be of concern to you. That way, you can be sure to optimize your nutritional status.

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