Choosing the Right Vitamin Patches

Choosing the Right Vitamin Patches

Feb 15, 2022 Alex Brecher

How can you keep your body in tip-top shape? A good diet, regular exercise, and other smart choices like not smoking go a long way towards keeping you as healthy as possible. Another way to support your body is to give it the nutrients it needs and wants. PatchAid has a full range of patches for general health and specific needs, so be sure to check them out. These are some steps to choosing the right vitamin patches.

  • Consider a multivitamin and mineral.
  • A multivitamin and mineral supplement can act like an insurance policy. It lets you get a range of the essential vitamins and minerals every day, even if you do not get them in the foods you eat.

  • Think about possible dietary gaps.
  • Some dietary patterns may leave you short on specific nutrients. For example, people who follow a vegan (strict plant-based) diet may not be getting enough vitamin B12. People who avoid dairy products are often low in calcium. Vegetarians can be low in iron. It can help to ask your doctor whether you have specific risk factors.

  • Account for any health conditions that you may have.
  • Some chronic conditions can leave you needing higher amounts of some nutrients. For example, bariatric surgery patients typically have special needs (and you can check out our Bariatric Surgery Patch Packs!). If you are trying to lose weight, look at the Weight Loss Supplement Patches from the drop-down menu to find one that meets your needs, including patches to support low-carb and keto diets.

  • Identify long-term health priorities.
  • What are you most interested in protecting as time passes? There may be a Patch - or a Patch Pack - to address it. Check the “Health Interest” drop-down menu from any page to browse. Examples may include:

    There are also Patch Packs for different health needs.

  • Address immediate needs.
  • Is there anything happening in your life right now that may be affected by your nutrition? 

    Just check our drop-down menu at the top of any page to see these and other examples of patches for different needs.

  • Talk to your doctor.
  • Whatever your thoughts about vitamin patches, it is important to make sure your doctor approves of the ones you are considering. She may have suggestions for one or more additional patches to wear. Your doctor is a good resource for which nutrients may be most needed by your body and which nutrient and health concerns are most real for you.

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