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Can I Wear Multiple PatchAid Patches at Once?

Can I Wear Multiple PatchAid Patches at Once?

Feb 17, 2022 Alex Brecher

You want the best for your body. That includes covering your bases when it comes to nutrition. From essential vitamins and minerals to herbal and other ingredients, your body can benefit from getting optimal amounts of all kinds of compounds.

If you were to choose a PatchAid Vitamin Patch, which would you select? Would you want a multivitamin? Or are you thinking about nutrients for relieving headaches, menstrual cramps, or trouble sleeping? Maybe you want to boost weight loss or are concerned about heart health. So which vitamin patch would you choose?

The fact is that it may be impossible to choose just one PatchAid Vitamin Patch. And that’s okay! That’s because we developed PatchAid Patches with you in mind. And we know that “you” are a complicated and unique person who may need a specific assortment of patches. So here’s what you - and your healthcare provider - should know about wearing multiple patches at once.

Why Would I Wear More Than One PatchAid Patch?

Why can’t a single patch be enough for some people? Well, let’s think about the possibilities. Many people want or need a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement to cover their bases. On top of that, these are some common needs that may require other patches.

  • Preventing or correcting a specific nutrient deficiency
  • Addressing specific health concerns, such as related to heart health, blood sugar control, or weight
  • Feeling better, such as related to menstrual cycles or menopause, migraines, or having trouble sleeping.
  • General wellness, such as supporting joints or taking antioxidants.

You are best off asking your doctor which may be best for you.

Are There Common Combinations of PatchAid Patches That People Use?

While every customer is an individual with unique needs, there are some common combinations of PatchAid Patches that people use. You might want to take a look at our PatchAid Patch Packs to get an idea.

Packs include these:

And more!

Is There a Limit to the Number of PatchAid Patches I Can Wear at Once?

Assuming your healthcare provider agrees, you can wear several patches at once. If you are using many patches, though, we suggest splitting them up. For example, if you are using 8 patches, we’d recommend choosing 4 of them to wear overnight (for up to 8 hours). When you get up after sleeping, you can remove those 4 and put on your other four, removing them no more than 8 hours later.

Are There Good Day Patches and Night Patches?

For your convenience, PatchAid Patches can be worn at any time of your choosing, as long as you take them off within 8 hours of applying them. If you are trying to decide which ones to wear when, you might consider their purposes. For example, it may make sense to wear a Sleep Aid Patch overnight, while saving patches such as an Energy and Focus Patch or Metabolism Plus Patch for daytime. But it’s up to you.

PatchAid Patches are designed to meet your every need when it comes to dietary supplements. Just choose the ones that are right for you, talk to your doctor, and then use them day, night, or both!

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