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Can I Wear Multiple Patches at Once?

Can I Wear Multiple Patches at Once?

Jun 24, 2021 Alex Brecher

PatchAid patches are known for having high amounts of many types of nutrients and other ingredients in each one. The patches are convenient to use and it is easy to slap one on and forget about it until it is time to remove it up to eight hours later. 

A question can come up, though: is it possible to wear multiple patches at once? Yes, PatchAid Patches are designed to be safe to use if you select more than one at a time. Just be sure your healthcare provider agrees on your selection!

When More Than One Patch Can Help

Many PatchAid customers wear 3 to 5 patches at a time. This allows them to expose themselves to a wide variety of ingredients so they can address all kinds of health goals and nutrient needs.

These are some examples of when you might choose to wear multiple patches.

  • If you need a general dose of nutrition from a Multivitamin Plus Patch, and also have a specific deficiency that needs addressing, such as from a Vitamin B12 Patch.
  • If you have a few different health goals that require different types of support, such as joint health with the Collagen Glucosamine Patch, stabilizing blood glucose levels with the Blood Sugar Patch, and reducing hunger and increasing metabolism to improve weight management with the Weight Loss Patch.
  • If you have risk factors for a specific deficiency, such as an iron deficiency that would be addressed with the Iron Plus Patch, along with a health goal that is addressed with herbal and other natural ingredients, such as the Women Support Patch.
  • If you have opposing goals, such as increasing energy during the day with the Energy Plus Patch and decreasing it at night with the Sleep Aid Patch. On the side, you may also be interested in boosting your ability to concentrate with the Focus Patch.

When you are considering which patch or patches to use, it is important to talk to your doctor. Your healthcare provider can help you determine what your health goals and nutrient needs are, and which patches may be your best combination for achieving your goals.

Timing of Multiple Patches

If you are planning to use multiple patches, you have your choice of how to do so. The maximum length of time that you can use any single patch is 8 hours. Other than being sure to remove the patch within that time span, you can mix and match the patches you use and the times you put them on however is most convenient for you and according to how your doctor recommends that you use them.

Using more than one PatchAid patch regularly can boost levels of a wider variety of vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other compounds than you could get if you stuck to using just one patch. This strategy is safe and the patches are specifically designed with the possibility of using them more than one at a time in mind.

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