How Do Vitamin Patches Work?

How Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Feb 22, 2022 Alex Brecher

Vitamins and minerals are in food, right? And if you don’t get enough from food, you can take a pill? So how can you get your nutrients from a vitamin patch instead of from swallowing them? PatchAid uses innovative technology so you can get your nutrients right through the skin. Here’s how vitamin patches work.

How Vitamins Get to You from a Patch

The vitamins, minerals, or any other active ingredients in the patch are suspended in a matrix style patch. When you remove the backing and apply the patch to your skin, your skin provides heat and moisture. This helps to mobilize the active ingredients.

The stratum corneum is the outer layer of your skin. The active ingredients (nutrients) are absorbed through it into the tiny blood vessels, or capillaries, that circulate blood to and from the skin. Once in the capillaries, the active ingredients can circulate in the bloodstream. 

The whole process takes place without anything going into your mouth or depending on digestion. 

Benefits of Patches Over Pills

Why would you use a PatchAid Patch instead of taking a traditional capsule or other supplement by mouth, such as a liquid or chewable supplement? There are some advantages.

First, some people cannot tolerate oral supplements. Bariatric surgery patients, for example, can have a hard or impossible time swallowing capsules. They may have a heightened gag reflex or have pain after surgery. Some people don’t like swallowing capsules and they dislike the taste of chewables or gummies.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about whether you are taking your vitamins with a meal or not. With oral supplements, you often have to be sure to take it on an empty stomach, with food, or at a certain time before the meal. You can apply PatchAid Patches without thinking about your next meal time.

With PatchAid Patches, there is absolutely no chance of an upset stomach due to vitamin digestion or absorption, since the ingredients don’t go through your stomach or digestive system. On the other hand, some vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements have side effects, such as being rough on your stomach.

Concerns Addressed

Are you still doubtful about PatchAid patches? Here are some answers to common concerns about them!

  • They’re not very obvious. People are unlikely to see them while you are wearing them. If you are worried, you can put them on a patch of skin that will be covered with clothing. Many PatchAid Vitamin Patches come with transparent backing so you can wear them anywhere without them being noticed. 
  • It is okay to wear multiple patches at once, as long as your doctor approves. That means you can “take your vitamins” for different reasons, such as general health and specific health and wellness purposes.
  • Patches are comfortable to wear and flexible so you can move as you wish while wearing them. 
  • It’s easy to peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive layer.
  • They are designed to stick to your skin even during exercise and showers.

PatchAid Vitamin Patches are easy to use and you don’t have to swallow anything. Just stick them on and let the nutrients go through your skin!

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