The Advantages of Using Vitamin Patches Over Pills

The Advantages of Using Vitamin Patches Over Pills

Mar 14, 2023 Alex Brecher

Taking your vitamins can be something to dread for many people, and even if you do not dread it, there may be reasons to consider vitamin patches. They have generated a lot of buzz recently, so let’s find out why people are talking about vitamin patches, such as PatchAid Topical Vitamin Patches. Here are some advantages of vitamin patches over pills, and be warned: they may convince you that it is time to make the switch! Just remember to talk to your healthcare provider before using any type of dietary supplement. 

  • Lack of Ingestion
  • Who loves swallowing horse-sized pills? Do you enjoy chewing chalky tablets? How do you feel about choking down odd-tasting liquids, or chewing sugar-sweetened gummies that may not be the best for your teeth? 

    The most obvious benefit of topical patches may be that you don’t have to swallow anything. That means the following

    • There is no aftertaste. 
    • Nothing sticks in your throat.
    • There is no chance of side effects related to gastrointestinal issues during digestion.
    • They do not have sugar, carbs, or calories.

    Instead, PatchAid Vitamin Patches go on your skin. Just peel off the back of a patch to reveal the sticky layer, and stick it onto your skin to get the nutrients. There is nothing to swallow.

    This can be a wonderful alternative for people who have trouble swallowing for various reasons, such as the following examples.

    • Weight loss surgery patients
    • People with Barrett’s esophagus
    • People who have a recent surgery
    • People with a risk for choking

    Even if you do not have a medical condition that makes swallowing harder, you may be someone who prefers to swallow only food and beverage, not vitamins.

  • More Active Ingredients
  • Capsules or vitamin pills have a limit to the amount of vitamins and other active ingredients that they can hold. That makes sense when you keep in mind that the more you put in them, the bigger they get, and you only want a pill to be so big if you are going to have to swallow it!

    PatchAid Vitamin Patches hold their active ingredients in a matrix with a larger capacity. That means they can hold vitamins, minerals, herbal ingredients, and other nutritional compounds without changing the amount of inconvenience to you. Just put on the patch to activate the ingredients. There can also be a wide range of ingredients to target multiple health and nutritional goals at once.*

  • Affordability
  • The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is good news that there are so many ways to save when you shop at PatchAid! To start with, each order over $39 ships free. Plus, you can sign up for subscription orders, which come at regular intervals, and get a discount. Check the website any day to see which current specials are running, as well.

    PatchAid also likes to show appreciation to our customers with Rewards Points. You get points when you sign up for an account, as well as every time you make a purchase. These are some other ways to earn points.

    What do you get with all of those points? You can exchange them for discounts when you order from! Just opt to use your available points at checkout. It is an easy process that we hope lets you know how much we value your business.

  • Convenience
  • Vitamin pills can be tricky. Since they go through the normal digestive process, they can interfere with digestion and absorption of food. Or, they can depend on food to be present so that they can be properly processed by your body.

    Vitamin patches can be more convenient than pills. They don’t depend on the presence or absence of food, so you can take them with meals, between meals, or at any other time. Since you do not need to worry about digestion, you can take them day or night, whether sleeping or not. They are designed to be flexible and have good adherence, so you can even work out or take a shower while wearing your patch. Use your patches on your time for optimal convenience!

  • Purity
  • What are you putting in your body every time you swallow vitamin pills? Some of them have sugar, gluten, or other fillers to carry the nutrients. PatchAid Vitamin Patches are hypoallergenic. They are free from soy, sugar, gluten, and latex. They are also suitable for people on a plant-based or any other diet.

  • Speed of Absorption
  • When you swallow vitamin pills, the nutrients go through the entire digestive process. They are extracted from the carrier ingredients in the pill, and then they are absorbed. It takes a while before the nutrients get to your bloodstream so that they can be used to their fullest.

    With topical patches, absorption is transdermal. That means the nutrients go across the skin and into the smallest blood vessels called capillaries. From there, active ingredients go into larger blood vessels and are available to be circulated around the body wherever they are needed. The process of getting nutrients into the bloodstream can be quicker for patches than for pills.

    Now that you have read about some advantages of using vitamin patches over pills, it may be time to check them out for yourself. Look through our lineup of PatchAid Topical Vitamin Patches, and see which ones may be right for you. Ask your healthcare provider to make sure, and then find out for yourself what you love about vitamin patches over pills.

    *The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. PatchAid patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone with a medical condition should seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individual results may vary.

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