Taking Time to Relax and Unwind

Taking Time to Relax and Unwind

Jan 05, 2022 Alex Brecher

Mental health has always been important, but recently it has become a focal point in new outlets and other media. Daily stressors are always present. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of them worse, and introduced new ones. It is critical to take time to relax and unwind for mental health. The PatchAid Relax and Unwind Patch can support your efforts. Here are some ways to support your well-being.

Taking Walks

Getting active can be relaxing. Walking is a good choice because it is natural for most people and it is very repetitive. You don’t have to concentrate, and putting one foot in front of the other, again and again, can be calming. Walking more briskly can lead to more endorphins being released in your brain. These are chemicals that make you feel happier.

Being in Nature

Speaking of walking, what about taking that walk outside? Natural sunlight can boost your mood and reduce anxiety. Fresh air can lower your risk of getting a cold, the flu, or COVID-19. And trees, birds, and other aspects of nature can also be good for your psyche.

Having Fun

Yes, you’re allowed to have fun. And you should have fun. You’ll be better off for it, and that means people around you will be better off. Whatever fun means to you, do it.

  • Laugh with friends in person or on a video chat.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Dance to songs on the radio alone or with your children.
  • Put together a puzzle - or race against friends on a video call to put together puzzles.

Living in the Moment

It may sound cliche, but it’s true. Living in the moment can have a major impact on your mental health. Whatever you are doing now, focus on it - not on your phone, not on what you need to do tomorrow, and not on something that happened yesterday that you can’t even change now anyway. Learning to accept and appreciate what is happening right now can improve your mental health.

Calming Effects of Water 

Listening to the waves on the beach, lying in the sun by a pool, or sailing on a lake…water can be calming and invigorating. Even taking a bath can do the trick. Give water a chance for several days, and see if you think it should be part of your regular routine.

Nutrients for Relaxation

A variety of nutrients are necessary for optimal mood and maximum relaxation.  At the same time, to unwind properly, your metabolism needs to be up to par. The PatchAid Relax and Unwind Patch has essential vitamins and minerals, plus natural ingredients, that may help.

  • B vitamins are essential for proper energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium and calcium are needed for normal nerve and muscle function.
  • GABA supports natural neurotransmitter function to promote feelings of well-being. 
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant.
  • Ashwaganda is an ancient herb.

And rest assured that the PatchAid Relax and Unwind Patch doesn’t cause more stress than it helps to alleviate. It is easy to use and has no risk of side effects from digestion, since nutrients are absorbed transdermally, or across the skin.

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