Iron Patches for Anemia

Iron Patches for Anemia

Apr 07, 2022 Alex Brecher

If you feel tired or weak, or if you get colds more than usual, it may be time to check your iron levels. It’s possible that you have anemia caused by an iron deficiency. If so, ask your healthcare provider if iron patches can work for anemia. The PatchAid Iron Plus Patch and Patchaid Simply Iron Patch are transdermal iron patches that are easy to use and designed to help you.

Basics of Iron Deficiency

Lots of people are low in iron - maybe even you! These people are at higher risk for having an iron deficiency and symptoms of anemia.

  • Women of child-bearing age.
  • Weight loss surgery patients.
  • People with absorptive disorders or bleeding disorders.
  • Vegetarians.

The symptoms of anemia may include fatigue, more frequent infections, and brittle nails. You may have changes in appetite or cravings for non-food items, including even dirt! Pale skin, headache, and cold hands may also be present.

If you think you may have a deficiency in iron or you have risk factors for anemia, ask your doctor for help. You may get some simple blood tests to be sure. Then, you and your doctor can decide whether iron patches for anemia may be right for you. 

Treating Iron-Deficiency Anemia 

Iron is in many foods, such as beans, leafy greens, and meat, but it’s hard to overcome iron deficiency with dietary changes alone. You are likely to need a supplement. There are capsules, chewable tablets, and liquid forms of iron available, but they come with a few concerns.

  • You need to swallow them, and some people cannot tolerate swallowing dietary supplements. 
  • They can cause side effects, such as nausea, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • You need to be careful about whether to take them on an empty stomach or with food, and to separate them from calcium supplements.

The PatchAid Iron Plus Patch and PatchAid Simply Iron Patch are transdermal iron patches that you may want to bring up with your healthcare provider.

Do Iron Patches Work for Anemia?

If an iron deficiency is causing anemia, transdermal iron patches may be right for you. The Patchaid Simply Iron Patch has nothing but organic, bioavailable iron, and vitamin C to help your body use it. The PatchAid Iron Plus Patch has iron and vitamin C, as well as vitamins A and B9, which are supporting nutrients for the immune system. 

When you apply the patches to your skin, the nutrients cross through into your bloodstream. Just leave the patches on for up to 8 hours before peeling them off. They’re easy to use and you can use them with other Vitamin Patches if your doctor agrees.

Patch Packs with Iron Patches for Anemia

You can also get your iron patches for anemia in a PatchAid Patch Pack that is designed with people like you in mind. These are our Patch Packs that include transdermal iron patches.

Iron patches offer a way to get iron without taking oral supplements. A transdermal iron patch contains iron but doesn’t cause side effects, often unpleasant, that are common with some oral supplements.

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