Get Your Daily Multivitamins with PatchAid 

Get Your Daily Multivitamins with PatchAid 

Dec 01, 2021 Alex Brecher

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of basic health and wellness. A daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can help, and PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches are a great choice. They have a high dose of essential vitamins and minerals, and are easy to use.

Why Take a Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement?

Your body needs a range of vitamins and minerals for survival and for optimal health. Most of the nutrients are available in regular foods, but you may not be getting your entire daily requirement every single day from the foods you eat. With PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches, you do not need to worry about which nutrients you get from which foods.

Some people are more likely to develop vitamin deficiencies. These are some examples.

  • People on restrictive diets, such as dairy-free, vegan (plant-based), or gluten-free.
  • Bariatric surgery patients.
  • People with malabsorptive conditions.

Benefits of a Multivitamin

Taking a multivitamin supplement can help prevent deficiencies. But that is not the only reason to consider a daily multivitamin.

Nutrients in PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches may do the following.

  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Promote normal blood cell development
  • Help maintain normal metabolism
  • Support muscle, joint, brain, and eye health

(The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.)

Vitamins in PatchAid Patches Compared to Other Supplements

Some multivitamins are just that: multivitamins. They do not even have minerals! Other multivitamin supplements may have minerals, but they may not always be in high amounts or include a wide range.

PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches have at least 26 vitamins and minerals, including at least 100% of the daily value for most of them. They include the following.

  • Antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, and vitamin E
  • B vitamins and biotin
  • Minerals such as calcium, iodine, zinc, copper, and chromium
  • And more!

Ease of Use of PatchAid Patches

PatchAid Patches are so easy to use. Just peel off the backing and stick the patch onto an area of clean, dry skin. Leave it on for up to 8 hours while you go about your regular routine, such as sleeping overnight or, during the day, working out, showering, and going to work. 

It does not matter what time of day or night you use your PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patch, and it will not cause stomach upset from indigestion. There is no need to worry whether you are taking it on an empty or full stomach.

Varieties of PatchAid Multivitamin Patches

Ask your healthcare provider which patch may be best for you.

Getting your vitamins from PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patches can be one of the easiest ways to get them. Ask your doctor if a multivitamin and mineral supplement might be right for you, and which PatchAid Multivitamin Patch is the best choice for your situation. You can rest easy knowing you are supporting your body with essential nutrients every day.

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