Ways to Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

Ways to Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

Jun 24, 2023 Alex Brecher

If you’re someone who has noticeable PMS symptoms sometimes or regularly, you know how much they can interfere with your life. You may dread that time of the month, but there’s a good chance you don’t have to stand by helplessly. There are many natural ways to manage or relieve PMS symptoms, and the Easy Cycle Patch by PatchAid may be right for you.* Here are some ideas for relieving your symptoms. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about PMS symptoms and before using any nutritional supplement. 

Eat Well

A nutritious diet can do so much for so many aspects of health and quality of life, and it’s true for PMS symptoms as well. Here are some tips for a healthy diet.

  • Look for antioxidants, such as in legumes, colorful fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Select fish, low-fat dairy products, and other lean proteins.
  • Choose sources of healthy fats such as avocados and peanut butter.
  • Limit fatty meats, processed meats, and fried foods.
  • Limit desserts and other sugar-sweetened foods and beverages. 
  • Drink plenty of water.

Luckily, the same tips that can help prevent PMS can also be heart-healthy, good for weight, and helpful for other health conditions, too.

Exercise Regularly

General guidelines for exercise are to get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous-intensity activity. This is a good goal throughout the month for preventing or relieving PMS symptoms, and more can be better, providing your doctor approves. Along with other benefits, exercising can reduce stress and reduce symptoms of PMS such as headaches, breast swelling, nausea, and constipation.

Manage Stress

Speaking of reducing stress, it’s a good way to reduce PMS symptoms. Along with regular physical activity, some ways to reduce stress include visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing. It also helps to talk to and laugh with friends and family.

Watch Nutrient Levels

In addition to eating well, it can be good to take a supplement with vitamins, minerals, and supplements intended to relieve PMS symptoms, assuming you’ve cleared it with your healthcare provider.* The Easy Cycle Patch by PatchAid has nutrients such as magnesium, which allows for muscle relaxation. Deficiency of magnesium can increase cramps. 

Another mineral in the Easy Cycle Patch is calcium, which is also necessary for normal muscle function.* Maca root is a naturally nutrient-rich supplement used to improve mood, and chaste berry fruit extract has been used to normalize symptoms of your cycle. Black cohosh and evening primrose oil are other natural supplements that are taken for women’s health.*

It’s easy to use the Easy Cycle Patch. Just stick it on a smooth, clean area of skin, and leave it on for up to 8 hours. Then remove and discard it.

Monitor Overall Health

Not every bad mood, headache, or muscle cramp is caused by hormonal changes or is related to PMS. It’s good to take generally good care of yourself, which can include things like getting enough sleep and enjoying social events. You can also do things like use a heating pad if you feel cramps coming on, or avoiding noise if you have a headache.

Symptoms of PMS can be severe, but there are things you can do to reduce the chances of them regularly interfering with your life. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, and using the Easy Cycle Patch are some strategies.* Check with your doctor for severe symptoms of PMS and before using any nutritional supplements. 

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. PatchAid patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone with a medical condition should seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individual results may vary.

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