Top Three Ways to Get Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins

Top Three Ways to Get Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins

Oct 20, 2021 Alex Brecher

When you are trying to make sure your children get the nutrients they need, you may look towards a multivitamin for help. It can protect against nutritional deficiencies that can result in picky eaters who skip entire food groups. And it can provide extra nutrients that are found in foods like vegetables, which are not necessarily known as being kid-friendly! 

But what happens after you clear it with your children’s pediatrician and select a multivitamin to give them? Do you have trouble getting your children to take it? It can be a common problem. But there are some strategies to make sure your kids take their vitamins. 

  • Let them be involved.
  • Let your children be involved in the entire process. They may not be happy if you present them with a chewable tablet that feels like chalk, or a gummy in a flavor that they do not like. They may be completely unwilling to swallow large tables. But they may be more accepting if you offer them a vitamin patch like the PatchAid Kids Multivitamin Plus Omega-3 Topical Patch or Sleep Aid Topical Patch for Kids (Melatonin-Free)

    Also let them be involved in putting it on. They may like to choose which area of the skin it goes on. They may be interested in helping you clean the area or stick the patch on. They may be proud when they get involved in the whole process. You might try giving them the Multivitamin Patch as part of the morning routine while getting dressed, or the Sleep Aid Patch at night before bed.

  • Set an example.
  • You are your children’s most influential role model. Just like you show them a good example by eating right and exercising, you can show them a good example by taking your own vitamins, such as the Multivitamin Plus Patch from PatchAid. They can see you putting it on and removing it every day. 

    You can put on and take off your patches together, as part of a regular routine, to make it more fun. Younger children may be very proud of “helping” you put yours on and supervising to make sure that you follow the instructions properly.

  • Reward them.
  • Giving children a reward every time they take their vitamins without a struggle can certainly motivate them to do so. Younger children may enjoy a small but immediate reward such as a sticker. Older children may do better with a points system. You might award them a point, possibly in the form of a star or happy face, each time they take their vitamins. When they accumulate a certain number of points, they can exchange them for a reward that you have agreed on, such as a toy.

    These three ways to get your kids to take their vitamins can give you peace of mind about your children’s nutritional status while avoiding household fights over vitamins. With the PatchAid Kids Multivitamin Plus Omega-3 Topical Patch or Sleep Aid Topical Patch for Kids (Melatonin-Free), you can avoid battling over chewables that taste like chalk or large pills that are hard to swallow. As long as your children’s pediatrician approves, these patches can be easy ways to boost nutritional intake.

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