The Science Behind Vitamin Patches: How They Work and Their Effectiveness

The Science Behind Vitamin Patches: How They Work and Their Effectiveness

Jan 31, 2023 Alex Brecher

There are many reasons to take vitamins, but do you really want to take pills? If not, you may be interested in an alternative: topical patches. Vitamin patches have been gaining in popularity for many reasons. Here is a look at the science behind vitamin patches, including how they work and their effectiveness. 

Transdermal Absorption: How Vitamin Patches Work

PatchAid Vitamin Patches contain nutrients that are activated when they are placed on your skin. Instead of going through your digestive system like capsules, gummies, or tablets, vitamin patches deliver nutrients across your skin. They go into your bloodstream via your capillaries and are unable to cause side effects, such as an upset stomach, that can be linked to oral supplements. 

Using a Vitamin Patch

Here is a look into the technology behind PatchAid Vitamin Patches. The active ingredients are suspended in a matrix layer. The sticky part goes onto your skin and the ingredients are absorbed. You can leave PatchAid Vitamin Patches on for up to 8 hours as the nutrients do their magic.

Are Vitamin Patches Effective?

Recently, research studies have been looking at whether vitamin patches actually work. Is it true that nutrients from patches can get into your bloodstream and keep you nourished just like oral supplements? It looks promising, especially for groups of people who prefer patches compared to oral supplements. 

If you are a bariatric surgery patient, you dislike vitamin capsules, or you tend to get an upset stomach when you swallow normal vitamins, PatchAid Vitamin Patches may be a desirable alternative for you.

Which Vitamin Patches Are Available?

There are many reasons to take vitamin or other nutritional supplements. Some people want to make sure they are getting all of their essential nutrients every day, even if their diet falls a little short. A multivitamin and mineral supplement, such as the PatchAid Multivitamin Plus Patch, can be an option for that.*

Other people may want to get specific nutrients in higher amounts. For example, a Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 Plus Patch, and Biotin Patch from PatchAid all target one or more vitamins or minerals that are commonly deficient. Another reason to take supplements is to get nutrients that may not be in high amounts in the diet, such as specific antioxidants, or to support certain health goals, such as weight loss, eye health, or heart health.*

The neat thing about PatchAid Vitamin Patches is that they can contain large amounts of nutrients, and in wide varieties. So, a single patch may have quite a range of essential vitamins and minerals, herbal ingredients, and more. In addition, it is safe to use up to 8 PatchAid Vitamin Patches at once as long as your healthcare provider agrees.

Vitamin patches are an increasingly popular option when it comes to boosting nutrients. You might want to give them a try if you want something easy to use and you do not want to deal with oral supplements. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about which patches may be best for you.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. PatchAid patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone with a medical condition should seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individual results may vary.

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