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PatchAid May Help with Nausea

PatchAid May Help with Nausea

Sep 16, 2021 Alex Brecher

Do you ever suffer from nausea? Then you know how debilitating it can be. When nausea strikes, you need relief fast. That is why we developed the PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch. If you have nausea, it can provide relief from symptoms. Just be sure to check with your doctor whenever you have health concerns or before you use any type of nutritional supplement.

Causes of Nausea

There are many causes of nausea. These are a few examples.

  • Certain medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Food poisoning (the most common cause of “24-hour flu”)
  • Stomach flu
  • Migraines
  • Weight loss or other surgery
  • Morning sickness during pregnancy

Often, nausea is not a sign that you need immediate medical care. But it is still best to ask your doctor if you are unsure about your health. 

Problems with Nausea

Nausea can stop you in your tracks. You may feel so bad that you can barely get out of bed. Since nausea can make you lose your appetite or make it impossible to keep foods down, you can miss out on nutrition. If nausea continues or recurs, it can be hard to get enough of the nutrients you need. It is best to get rid of symptoms of nausea so you can go about your regular routine in comfort!

Key Ingredients for Nausea Relief and Appetite

PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch is based on scientific evidence and long-time use of different compounds related to nausea and appetite. It includes these and more.

  • Ginger, which is one of the best-known remedies for nausea with scientific evidence backing its use.
  • Camphor, which can reduce chest congestion to make breathing easier and help with unpleasant symptoms of tightness related to nausea.
  • Lemon balm extract, an essential oil used to increase appetite.
  • Frankincense, commonly used to reduce nausea.
  • Menthol, which can offer a cooling sensation to reduce discomfort.

Easy Transdermal Absorption and Use with Other Patches

When you are feeling nauseous, the last thing you need is for a dietary supplement to wreak further havoc on your system. Be assured that the PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch cannot bug your stomach. That’s because the ingredients are contained in the patch and your body absorbs them through the skin, not the stomach. There is no chance of discomfort with digestion.

Plus, the PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch is designed to be used with other patch vitamins. That may be great news for any number of reasons. These are some examples.

When you are nauseous, the PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch may be what you want to make you feel better. It is formulated to relieve symptoms, and absorption through the skin means that there is no risk of further upset stomach due to taking your vitamins. Be sure to ask your doctor about whether the PatchAid Nausea Relief Patch may be right for you and which other PatchAid patches may support better nutrition.

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