Iron-deficiency Anemia: How Iron Patches Can Aid Recovery

Iron-deficiency Anemia: How Iron Patches Can Aid Recovery

Jan 09, 2024 Alex Brecher

Do you often find yourself feeling weak or fatigued? Are common colds more frequent for you than others? It might be time to examine your iron levels. This fatigue or weakness can be a sign of iron deficiency, a common cause of anemia. If a deficiency is present, your healthcare provider might recommend iron patches like the PatchAid Iron Plus Patch or the PatchAid Simply Iron Patch, which offer a straightforward and effective method to address this issue.

Understanding Iron Deficiency

A significant number of individuals have low iron levels, with some groups being particularly susceptible. This includes women of child-bearing age, individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery, and those suffering from absorptive or bleeding disorders. Vegetarians may also be at a higher risk due to dietary restrictions.

Potential symptoms of anemia include tiredness, frequent illness, fragile nails, changes in appetite or unusual cravings (even for non-food items like dirt), and other physical signs such as pale skin, headaches, or cold extremities. If you suspect an iron deficiency based on these symptoms, you should consult your healthcare professional. Blood tests might be necessary to verify your condition, and iron patches might be an effective solution for combating anemia.

Treating Iron-Deficiency Anemia

We can find iron in several food sources, such as beans, leafy vegetables, and meats. However, diet alone often isn't sufficient to rectify an iron deficiency. Supplements are usually necessary. Traditional oral supplements, including capsules, tablets, and liquids, come with some challenges. They need to be swallowed, which can be difficult for some, may cause side effects like nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, and must often be carefully timed with meals and other supplements.

That's where the PatchAid Iron Plus Patch and PatchAid Simply Iron Patch come into play. As transdermal iron patches, they provide an alternative method to increase iron levels, bypassing the common issues caused by oral supplements.

Do Iron Patches Work for Anemia?

Transdermal iron patches may be the right solution if an iron deficiency is causing your anemia. The Patchaid Simply Iron Patch contains only organic, bioavailable iron along with vitamin C, while the PatchAid Iron Plus Patch adds vitamins A and B9 into the mix, all of which contribute towards supporting a healthy immune system.

Administering these patches is easy; simply stick them to your skin, allowing for the nutrients to pass directly into your bloodstream. They can be worn for up to 8 hours before needing to be removed, and can even be used alongside other Vitamin Patches, as long as it is approved by your healthcare provider.

Iron Patches for Anemia in Patch Packs

You can also opt for PatchAid Patch Packs, which include iron patches designed to help individuals facing anemia. There are various patch packs available, each tailored to meet specific needs. For example, the Gastric Sleeve, Bypass, Band, or Duodenal Switch Vitamin Patch Pack or Metabolism and Energy Support Patch Pack, both of which include the iron patches to support those with iron deficiencies. Iron patches present an innovative approach to addressing iron-deficiency anemia without the common pitfalls associated with oral supplements.

Iron supplements can make dealing with anemia much less daunting. By choosing to use patches, you can avoid the often unpleasant side effects associated with some oral supplements, offering a potentially more comfortable pathway to improving your health.

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