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How Does PatchAid Work?

How Does PatchAid Work?

May 21, 2021 Alex Brecher

The concept of vitamin pills is simple. You swallow a pill that contains vitamins and other nutrients, just like foods contain vitamins and other nutrients. Then, you digest and absorb those compounds, just like you would if you got the nutrients from foods. That all makes sense.

But how do PatchAid Patches work? How can nutrients get from a central layer of a synthetic patch to your bloodstream where they can be used by your body, without even going through your digestive system? Here is the information on how PatchAid Patches can help support nutrition in the body.

Structure of a Patch

Each PatchAid Patch has three layers. 

  • The first layer sticks to your skin so it can stay on for up to eight hours.
  • The second layer contains the active ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, or herbal extracts.
  • The third layer is outside. It holds everything together in a flexible package for your comfort.

Transdermal Transmission

The magic is in the transfer of nutrients and other compounds from the patch to your bloodstream. It happens by way of a transdermal path, or a pathway across the skin, from the outside of your body to the bloodstream. 

Your skin has three layers.

  • Epidermis - the outside layer, where you place the patch
  • Dermis - the middle layer, which gives the skin its structure and thickness, and through which the vitamins and other nutrients pass. 
  • Hypodermis - the inner layer of the skin, which transmits nutrients into the bloodstream so they can be distributed to the places in the body that need them.

This system of transdermal transmission lets you skip the stomach and digestive system. There is no risk of upset stomach when using PatchAid Patches, and it does not matter whether you use them on a full or empty stomach.

Choosing and Using PatchAid Patches

You can use multiple PatchAid Patches at once. It is best to consult with your doctor about which may be best for you. You may need a multivitamin and mineral patch to cover all your bases, or you may need certain blends that target certain parts of the body or health or wellness goals, such as improved mood or energy, or better bone health.

To use PatchAid Patches, just follow the instructions on the package. Clean your skin and apply the patch, and remove it as many as eight hours later. The patch is designed to release the contents slowly, over the course of hours, for best results.

Functionality for Everyone

PatchAid Patches are designed with you in mind. They are flexible and resistant to sweating, so you can wear them and work out as hard as you want while you get your vitamins. You can use them 

Plus, they are hypoallergenic and latex-free. That may be especially important to you if you are considering switching to PatchAid Patches after having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in a dietary supplement pill. Still, be on the lookout for any redness or other unusual sign on the skin where you have your patch, discontinue use, and talk to your doctor before using a patch and if any concerns arise.

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