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“Eating” Your Vitamins Through Your Skin?!

How can you get your vitamins if you are not eating them? When you take pills, your body does not use the nutrients until they are digested and absorbed from your gastrointestinal tract. So, there is no additional benefit from swallowing your nutrients compared to having them go directly into your bloodstream. That is, there is no need to “eat” nutrients when you can have them go straight into your circulation.

PatchAid uses special technology in the patches

A matrix style, or monolithic, transdermal patch is used to suspend the ingredients in the adhesive.

When the user wears the patch, the heat and moisture located in the skin begin to extract the active ingredients from the adhesive.

The ingredients are then absorbed through the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin).

The capillaries in the skin then begin to circulate the ingredients through the users blood stream.

Convenient and Functional

PatchAid patches are easy to use and comfortable. The fabric we use is non-woven, premium fabric designed specifically for transdermal applications. It is unique because of its multidirectional elasticity – that means it will stick to all body surfaces, and stay on, even when you move.

Stays on

Sticks to all skin surfaces

Сomfortable to wear