Don't Like Pills? Here's Your Guide to Alternate Vitamin Supplies

Don't Like Pills? Here's Your Guide to Alternate Vitamin Supplies

Mar 08, 2024 Alex Brecher

If you're contemplating vitamin intake but are detested by the idea of swallowing pills, don’t fret. Even though pills are a popular choice for taking vitamins or nutritional supplements, alternatives exist. Vitamin patches, for instance, might suit your needs perfectly. To determine the right choice, consult your healthcare provider.

The Challenge with Vitamin Pills

An array of issues can come with swallowing pills. After bariatric surgery, individuals can find swallowing large capsules, practically impossible.

Remember, vitamin pills must be digested and absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract. This circumstance implies several factors:

  • Specific timing is needed to take them, which might conflict with meal schedules or other medication timetables.
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms like constipation may occur with particular supplements.
  • Vitamin and mineral absorption can get obstructed when taken together. Therefore, they must be taken separately.

These issues make pill consumption challenging for many people.

Vitamin Alternatives to Pills

There are various options for those who don't prefer pills.

  • Nutritious Foods: These can offer essential vitamins and minerals. However, not everyone can fulfill their dietary needs strictly through food intake.
  • Chewable Tablets: Easier to swallow than traditional pills, but the taste can be off-putting for some.
  • Liquid Vitamins: Liquid vitamins can pack a lot of nutrition in a few drops, but they may not always be a convenient choice.
  • Vitamin Powders: These can be added to flavored beverages for a fun twist. However, they're not the best option for those constantly on the move or unsure of the timing for their vitamins intake.
  • Vitamin Patches: These consist of a varying array of vitamins, minerals and other components. With them, meal timing doesn't matter.

Why Vitamin Patches?

Vitamin patches are a breeze to use - simply apply and remove them after 8 hours. Additional patches can be used simultaneously without the fear of interference. Plus, they offer a myriad of benefits:

  • The risk of gastrointestinal discomfort diminishes as the nutrients get absorbed through the skin.
  • They provide a considerable amount of nutrients and a wider variety compared to oral supplements.
  • The best part? They don't have an unpleasant taste.
  • PatchAid vitamin patches are free from gluten, latex, and sugar, which further adds to their appeal.

Should you need a substitute for vitamin pills, vitamin patches are worth consideration. They are discrete, user-friendly, and brimming with nutrients. To figure out which ones are ideal for you, consult your healthcare provider.

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