Does PatchAid Work?

Does PatchAid Work?

Jan 25, 2022 Alex Brecher

Can a vitamin patch really work? It is hard to believe, isn’t it? We are so used to thinking of nutrients as ingredients in food and oral supplements that it feels funny to think about getting vitamins, minerals, and other compounds through your skin. But PatchAid Patches are designed to deliver through your skin!

How PatchAid Patches Work

PatchAid Patches use a transdermal delivery system. That means the active ingredients go from the patch through your skin. The ingredients can get into your bloodstream without needing to go through the usual digestive process. That makes them appealing for people who:

  • Can’t swallow capsules due to a gag reflex.
  • Tend to get side effects like an upset stomach or constipation with some oral vitamin supplements.
  • Don’t want to worry about taking vitamins on a full or empty stomach.
  • Don’t like the taste of most oral supplements.
  • Simply don’t want to take capsules.

Plus, PatchAid Patches have very high amounts of certain nutrients that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

What Users Say

Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. And, it is important to check with your doctor first to make sure a supplement is safe for you before you take it. But, here is a sampling of what some PatchAid users say.


Excellent vitamin patches!

"I was dealing with malnutrition from covid and these patches brought my blood work back to normal!"

Celeste R.


Review by Celeste R. on 7 Jan 2022

"I was super skeptic about 'patches that are supposed to be vitamins'. After a long time of having to take medication due to my health condition, I got burnt out on taking pills. I don’t eat the healthiest so I knew I needed to get on a vitamin regiment but didn’t want to take horse pills in the process. I seen a advertisement online for these and Read more about review stating Astonishing! I thought heck why not give it a try after all it don’t involve pills! I’m anemic so I bought the iron patches and not even 5 minutes after applying the iron patch I could taste metal which means is a side effect from a iron infusion so that’s a good sign plus I always bruise easily but not after a few days of wearing the patch. One patch usually last up to 3 days!! You definitely get your money’s worth!!"

Carrie K.

Patches are awesome!!! 

Review by Carrie K. on 5 Jan 2022

"My wife had a bariatric surgery so she could not take vitamins in pills. We purchased the patches as they are a replacement and easy to use."

Samantha S.

These are amazing!

"I had surgery on 8/16 and I couldn’t handle the size of a pill and hated the chewable. The patches are so convenient and help with hair loss!! I recommend them to everyone I talk to I love them!"

Joel M. 

Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement

Review by Joel M. on 5 Jan 2022

"My wife said she noticed the biggest difference in using these supplements was on her hair and a slight difference in nail strength."

So, does PatchAid work? Only you can find out for yourself! Talk to your doctor to see which patches might be right for you, and give them a try.

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