Bariatric Vitamin Patch Packs

Bariatric Vitamin Patch Packs

Jul 22, 2021 Alex Brecher

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are rampant after bariatric surgery, but it can be hard to prevent them or address them if you do have them. There are many challenges for weight loss surgery patients to get enough of the micronutrients they need, and even taking multivitamin and mineral pills can be a tough ask. Instead, PatchAid Bariatric Vitamin Patch Packs are built to contain recommended amounts of key nutrients, and they depend on delivery through the skin rather than being swallowed.

Challenge 1: Restrictive Diets 

After weight loss surgery, your diet is sure to be restricted. First, you will be eating a much smaller amount of food than before, which could mean eating fewer vitamins and minerals than you need. 

In addition, the types of foods you eat could be limiting. For example, lactose intolerance after bariatric surgery could lead to eating fewer dairy products and getting less calcium and vitamin D. Reducing consumption of enriched or fortified grain products could lead to B vitamin deficiencies. Or, a food aversion such as not liking the taste of meat anymore could lead to iron deficiency.

Challenge 2: Reduced Absorption

One of the great things about bariatric surgery is that it reduces absorption of some nutrients. That can help reduce calorie intake and increase weight loss. The trouble is that some vitamins and minerals have lower absorption, too. This is especially true in gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS) procedures.

Challenge 3: Heightened Gag Reflex

Taking multivitamin and mineral supplements can be helpful, but it is not always easy to take pills after bariatric surgery. Some patients have a hard time swallowing after bariatric surgery due to a stronger gag reflex. 

Challenge 4: Inability to Gulp Water at Meals

Patients are asked to avoid drinking liquids with meals, but how else can they be expected to swallow large capsules to get their vitamins? Some vitamin and mineral supplements need to be taken with meals if they are taken in an oral form.

Ease of Bariatric Vitamin Patches and Packs

Bariatric Vitamin Patches and Patch Packs overcome these challenges. They do not require any swallowing, so there is no issue with a gag reflex or trying to swallow them without drinking water at a meal. 

They are formulated according to ASMBS recommendations for key vitamins and minerals that bariatric surgery patients should be mindful of. 

Bariatric Vitamin Patch Packs include a Multivitamin Plus Patch plus PatchAid Patches for specific nutrient or other health concerns. Examples of patches that may be included are:

The Patch Packs are designed for specific bariatric surgery types, so stop by the page, talk to your doctor, and see which may be right for you!

It can be hard to get enough vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery due to problems such as a restrictive diet and trouble swallowing vitamin pills or tablets. Instead, vitamin patches can be easier to take because they have transdermal absorption. Talk to your doctor about which PatchAid Bariatric Patches or Bariatric Patch Packs may be right as your strategy to prevent harmful deficiencies.

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